Muslim 21 M – “its okay to have sex with kids”

Most interesting here is, he has no moral objection to having sex with children, and tries to make the point that mohammad was being moral at the time with aisha, and that morals cannot change with time.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like islam, and muslim.
You: salam
Stranger: salam
You: are you muslim?
Stranger: yeah
You: orite
Stranger: hbu
You: where are you from?
Stranger: England
You: kk
You: 28 f aust here btw
You: why are you muslim
You: ?

God exists because he said he does, approach.
(“Quran is right because the quran says it said so” )

Stranger: I choose to submit to god
Stranger: 21
Stranger: m
You: okay. im asking why you choose that
Stranger: because I want to go to heaven
You: erm, sounds circularl…
You: why do you think heaven is even there?
Stranger: it says so in the quran
You: but the quran is a mere book
You: like lord of the rings
Stranger: no
Stranger: its from god
You: how do you know that?
Stranger: it says in the book if its not from god who wrote it then?
You: erm.. somone else, obviously
Stranger: who
You: i dont know – why does it mean “god” if you dont know who did it?
You: do you use that excuse all the time?
Stranger: thats what it says
You: dont know why a coin is on the ground? god put it there?
Stranger: what religion are you?
You: so – if I can clarify. The quran is from god. The quran is right, becuse the quran says it is right.
You: right?
Stranger: yes
You: so anything that says it is right, must be right?
You: like the bible. it also says it is right
Stranger: no
You: okay, so.. something that says it is right – might be wrong
You: so, show me how the quran is not wrong
Stranger: the bible was right at one point
You: the bible says it is all right.
You: sorry
You: anyhow -you admit that something that says it is right, might be wrong
You: so – show me the quran is not wrong
Stranger: it dosent say in the bible its the last message
Stranger: so the quran cancels out the bible
You: the bible does say it is right. sorry
Stranger: yes but it dosent claim to be the final message like the quran
Stranger: it leaves open something to come
You: what do you think happens in revelations exactly?
Stranger: what do you mean?
You: revelations is the last book in the bible.
You: you know, the bible that claims to be right
You: same as the quran

Now into the quran-is-last-so-its-right

Stranger: yeah but the bible does not say this is the final message from god
You: that is irrelevant
You: completely
You: the bible says it is the word of god.
Stranger: plus the bible has many diffrent versions
You: no, it has translations
You: the story is the same
Stranger: no it has diffrent texts
You: oops, no it doesnt
Stranger: there is no single universal copy
You: and nor is there of the quran
Stranger: are you a christian?
You: the quran has many, many copies

Which leads naturally into “the quran has never changed, so it is right” argument.

Stranger: evrey quran in the world is the same
Stranger: word for word
You: yes, there are lots of people spell-checking the quran
You: it matters to them. the spell-checking
You: of course, it’s such a young religion that the language is still in active use.
Stranger: no one has ever proven there is more than 1 quran
You: as I said, the spell checking matters a lot to you –
Stranger: its not a young religion
You: it’s a LOT younger than Judaism and christianity
Stranger: no
You: erm..
Stranger: it starts from abraham
You: when do you think the old testament was written?
You: i.e. the torah?
Stranger: its not presented as a new relgion from the 7th century
You: when was the OT written?
You: tell me when the torah was written
Stranger: long time before the quran but islam recogognises the old testament
You: and when were the texts in the NT written?
Stranger: just that the message was corupted
You: that is your claim, without proof.
You: when were the texts in the NT written?
Stranger: no I can prove in the bible there are contradctions
You: sure there are.
You: as there are in any book – the quran also
Stranger: no

Now into – “No contradictions, except those that dont exist”

You: lawl. I’m afraid so hun
You: you dont even know your quran? sad
Stranger: show one contradction
You: Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood,” (96:2).
You: oops .XD
You: that’s a doozy that one, contradicted four times.
Stranger: no
Stranger: are you aithest?
You: yes, I’m afriad your quran contradicts itself.
You: dont worry though, all holy books do
You: they also all claim they are the word of the respective god
You: they also ALL claim that because the holy book is the word of the respective god, therefore, that holy book is truth.
You: and all the others are wrong – even though they make exactly the same claim
Stranger: no your a radical aithest
You: wow, because I bring facts?
You: im not a mindless puppet, i bother to think about it.
You: why are you allergic to facts and reason?

And now the typical god of the gaps. Morphing into “I have no idea what science says, but whatever it says is wrong, unless I agree with it”.

Stranger: do you accept that the universe was once absent?
You: absent? no. the universe has existed for all time
Stranger: LOL
You: you didnt know that?
You: this is the current scientific, and demonstrable case
You: this is wher eyou show you have no idea of what defensible facts actually show.
Stranger: most scientests accept it was absent
You: show a single one
Stranger: show one that says it wasnt lol
You: show a single scientist that would say the universe existed before time.
Stranger: what do they teach you in austrlia
Stranger: lol
You: erm.
You: okay, so quick quiz
You: when does science suggest time started?
Stranger: point of the big ban
Stranger: bang
You: and when does science suggest the universe started?
Stranger: same point
You: does science suggest the universe existed before the big bang?
Stranger: no
Stranger: they dont know what was there before
You: therefore, the universe has existed only when time has existed.
You: therefore, the universe has existed for all time.
You: not so painful was it?!
Stranger: this is not accpeted by the scientests
You: which aspect in particular?
Stranger: that the universe has always existed
You: let me ask you again
Stranger: its accepted by the mianstream
You: is there any point in time where the universe has not existed?
Stranger: that the universe came into being
Stranger: no
You: is thre any place in the universe where time does not exist?
Stranger: define time
You: do you not know?
Stranger: I know im just curious to your defanation
Stranger: defantion
You: definition
You: certainly, but lets flesh this out first.
You: you are certainly capable of understnading the questions and answring them
You: is there any point in time where the universe has not existed?
You: is thre any place in the universe where time does not exist?
Stranger: no
Stranger: no to both
You: well actually that is incorrect, time does not pass for a massive particle inside a massive singularity, but anyhow…
You: so you admit that the universe cannot exist without time. and time was started exactly at zero, along with the universe
You: there has been no time where the universe has not existed, and by definition, no time where time has not existed.
You: therefore, the universe has existed for all time.
You: there is simply no exception
You: now – if you want to talk about what scientists think about “before” time, we can, but the statement is correct
You: “the universe has existed for all time”
Stranger: yes the statement is correct
You: there fore, the universe has always existed
You: “always” = “for all time”
Stranger: yes
Stranger: but it had a starting point
You: sure
Stranger: and before that it wasnt there
You: there is no such thing as “before”
You: simply “without”
You: “without” time, it did not exist. but that is rather academic, our physics doesnt work without time
Stranger: it was once absent time can be mesaured
Stranger: but there was something before the universe
You: something that is absent cannot be measured, obviously
You: and no, the word “before” necessarily requires time to exist. without the big bang, it did not exist, therefore “before” loses meaning”
You: do you want a better way to think about this?
Stranger: no I get it
You: i see you are struggling, like many muslims.
You: no i dont think you do
Stranger: whats wrong with beliveing that god brought the universe into existance?
You: what reason do you have to believe it?
Stranger: i dont think something can come out of nothing
You: what do you think nothing actually is?
Stranger: you have to explain that
You: and dont forget, you’re to comprehend this “nothing” without time.
You: you’re making the claim here, not me.
Stranger: so in your view
Stranger: what brought the universe into existance
You: noone knows
You: its unknowable
You: at this point
You: now – here is where you get to add anything you want – a pink unicorn in the 10th dimension could have created it.
You: sure
You: why not?
You: a small drooling hunchback with magical powers could have done it. okay sure. why not?
Stranger: well you might never know I get your point
You: oh better.. lets say — something called a god makes universese.. I see a universe .. therefore, a god dun it!
Stranger: but i choose to belive that god created it
You: yes, you have no reason to believe that
You: its just abstract mind control .
Stranger: by who
You: the creators and maintainers of the quran and islam.
You: you and your pals.
Stranger: lol
Stranger: me??
You: yes of course
You: you are contributing to the idiocy
You: you validate it to the next mindless sap who fails to be able to think for himself
You: “oh, that guy says it is true, so it must be. okay.. god dun it”

My minority is bigger than your minority, so it’s right, and other bigger minorities are wrong.

Stranger: aithests are in a minority
You: so are muslims
You: in my country, athesits are at about 40%
You: and rising every year. in about 10 years, they will be a majority if trends continue
Stranger: true but its a growing minoroity
You: not as fast as atheism.
Stranger: 100 years ago
You: irrelevant
Stranger: it was 10 percent
Stranger: now 24 percent
You: if you have 1 person in your team, you get another, you just increased by 100%
You: even though you only added one person
You: so.. sorry, your stats dont impress
You: as I said, in my country, atheists are 40% and growing. in 10 years they will be a majority
Stranger: you are also like a religion
You: not if you understand the meaning of the word
You: but you might not. in fact, you obviously dont
You: re·li·gion
Stranger: no you have a belief you just make the claim that you dont know
You: there – I help you.
You: what is my belief?

Atheism is a belief.. sigh

Stranger: your belief is that you dont know
Stranger: you are actually just crying out for hlep
Stranger: help
You: oh i see, yes, much like my belief that a ball will hit the floor when I drop it
You: yes okay, I do believe i dont know.
You: are you saying I do know?
Stranger: no you dont know
You: okay, sounds like my belief is pretty solid then – which god do I worship?
Stranger: okay I get where you are coming from someone like you will probably never belive
You: you said it’s a religion – so which controlling superhuman power do I worship?
Stranger: why not let the others just belive
You: because you poision it for anyone else
Stranger: you worship material things
You: like?
You: books. integrity…
Stranger: your desires
Stranger: your a slave to them
You: yes, food, water. shelter, happiness.
You: I do pursue those rather relentlessly. I admit
You: dont you?
Stranger: where do you get your morailty from?
You: empathy, education, consideration and thought
Stranger: no
You: you get yours from a iron age text
You: im afraid I do get them from ther.
You: there
Stranger: your morality can change
You: sure
You: morality changes all the time. so what?
Stranger: not in the texts
Stranger: which is the foundational point for morailty
You: yes, that’s not actually a GOOD thing, do you realise?
Stranger: it is
You: having a static morality that fails to adjust for the way the society evolves and changes, is a disaster
Stranger: thats why you see in the non relgious countries
Stranger: lack of morls
You: like japan, netherlands. etc.
You: those haven of immorality
Stranger: yeah prostituion is legal
Stranger: in holland
You: do you have a problem with that?
Stranger: yes
You: why?
Stranger: its wrong
You: how so?
Stranger: its degrading dehumanises the prostitute
You: obviously the prostitute doesnt think so
Stranger: how do you know??
You: because they are not forced to be prostitutes.
Stranger: umm many are
Stranger: not all though
You: ummm, no they are not
You: sorry, your facts are wrong
You: it’s a completely open market.
Stranger: forced by circumstance
You: again, no. many are entertainers,
You: have you ever been to amsterdam?
Stranger: because of the econmey etc
You: the economy is very, very healthy in netherlands
Stranger: yeah
You: I see, can you name the district the prostitutes are found?
You: can you name the airport?
You: can you name the major train station?
You: can you name the currency?
You: can you do any of that without googlle?
Stranger: lol
You: XD
You: its easy to lie on omegle.
Stranger: you dont belive me
You: no i dont
Stranger: okay
You: nothing youve said is consistent with the fact. so no, I dont
Stranger: so you want people to become aithests
You: sorry, can we return to my earlier question you’ve avoided answering please?
You: you said it’s a religion – so which controlling superhuman power do I worship?
Stranger: what you are doing is dangrous?
You: no ^^^^ that one
Stranger: what
You: you said atheism is a religion – a religion is a philosophy that involves worship of a controlling superhuman power
You: so
Stranger: you accept the laws of your goverment
You: so do you.
You: is the government superhuman
You: ?
You: which controlling superhuman power do I worship?
Stranger: i accept only gods laws
You: answer my question please, then we can move on to yours
You: since you already deferred mine while you broadcast your fear of voluntary prostitution
Stranger: you dont worship anything but your are slave to your desires etc
You: so .. not a religion
You: okay super.
You: glad we sorted that out.
Stranger: its a belief sysytm
You: more correctly, its the absence of a belief system
Stranger: fair enough
Stranger: then what
You: I’ll bet you still maintain it is a religion , to the next person you talk to about it XD
You: ah the complete lack of intellectual honesty in muslims.
You: hey what is the plural of muslims?
You: is it musli?
You: muslie?
You: XD
You: i digress.
You: what was your question?
Stranger: very funny
You: it is funny. glad you agree XD
You: especially because I also eat muesli for breakfast, it seems fitting.
Stranger: do you hate muslims?
You: oh dear me no.
You: i dont hate the mentally handicapped kids. that is cruel
You: the difference being, you actually choose to lobotomise yourself
Stranger: so all muslims are like that and all other relgious pepople
Stranger: you just called 85 percent of the world population mentally handicapped
You: yes. religion is a socially accepted form of insanity
You: indeed I did.
You: but only 60% of australia
You: 80% of usa
You: and 75% of UK
You: that value is dropping by a few percent each year.
Stranger: and Islam is growing
You: the more technical term for believing people are talking to you, is called schitzophrenia.
Stranger: too
You: yes, but more slowly. sorry
You: in fact, buddhsim is climing most quickly in most of those countries.
You: fascinating isnt it? a philosophy that involves rejecting material wealth and promoting well being and harmony
You: as opposed to appealing a mythical fantasy that you really have absolutely no reason to presuppose
Stranger: sorry my connection went
You: it wasnt really ever connected . XD
Stranger: so do you think im stupid?
You: yes, but I think you’re choosing to be
You: i dont think you’re innately stupid
Stranger: hahaha
You: youre dumbing yourself down, so you can deal with it.
Stranger: why dont you think of it
Stranger: as someone just having hope
Stranger: even if its a false hope to you
You: its not a false hope just to me.
You: its an absolute fact – it is a false hope
Stranger: no
You: im sorry, but it provably IS a false hope
Stranger: even the most assured aiteshts say

Anything is possible, even if I have no idea what it is.

Stranger: its possible there is a god
You: no, they do not say that
You: they say they dont know
You: there is an enormous difference
Stranger: yes dont know
Stranger: so its possible
You: no, that is not the same thing
You: when you say something is possible, you are telling me you know something about it
You: you dont
Stranger: can you prove there is no god?
You: you cant say if its possible or not
You: no, I cannot. therefore, I cannot determine what is possible or what is impossible
Stranger: okay
You: do you understand?
Stranger: but I dont follow blindly
Stranger: im open to other ideas
You: let me expain – I have a die in my hand. you dont know how many sides it has.
You: it might have 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.. etc. etc.
You: is it possible I can roll a 5?
Stranger: no
You: its impossible?
Stranger: no
You: you’ve given contradictory answers
You: it is both not possible, and not impossible
You: i.e. both impossible and possible.
Stranger: okay its impossible
You: its impossible for me to roll a 5?
Stranger: yes
You: tell me how many sides the die has.
Stranger: welll
Stranger: idk
You: okay, so.. how do you know if it is possible or impossible?
Stranger: asumption
You: do you know?
You: do you know if it is possible or impossible?
Stranger: no
You: okay, so let me ask again – is it possible for me to roll a 5?
You: these are the magic words that you SHOULD be about to type…
You: three of them.. go for it
Stranger: idk
You: WOOT!
You: the most difficult words for a theist to say. well done
You: do you know if it is possible that a god created the universe?
Stranger: its not the same situation
You: its exactly the same
You: you have ZERO input on the matter, you dont even know if there actually IS something called a god, much less if it can create anything at all, much less create our universe
You: much less actually be the god you call allah, that did all the things you say he did.
Stranger: allah just means god in arabic
Stranger: its not a seprate god
You: sure, so you define a god as something that makes universes, then see a universe, and think it’s proof of a god.
You: that is called specious reasoning.
You: you fabricate the conclusion contingent on the observation. not the other way round
You: which is the scientific method
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: but we belive in miricals
You: no, you assert them
Stranger: something outside of the secientfic method
You: indeed. it’s fabricated
You: you construct the miracle first.
You: then ascribe it to a god
Stranger: I think you are jelous of god
Stranger: hes greater than you
You: im also jealous of bigfoot and loch ness
Stranger: yeah but its god who really gets on your nerves
You: not at all.
You: do you want to know what gets on my nerves?
Stranger: what
You: people who lobotomise themselves, because they’ve been told by other people who lobotomised themselves, that it’s okay to stop thinking.
You: thats you
You: you do that
Stranger: noooo
Stranger: I think
You: no, you have a brain fart. that is not thinking
You: you dont apply reasoning, critical thinking nor logic
Stranger: I do
Stranger: i understand your postion
You: okay, logically reason god
You: go for it
Stranger: the universe
You: go on
Stranger: it had to be created it
You: did it?
You: why/
You: logically reason why it “had” to be created
Stranger: its too complex
Stranger: to come out of nothing
You: that is known as an argument of ignorance
You: its a well known fallacy
You: you failed in logically reasoning god
You: would you like to try again?
You: (also known as “god of the gaps” argument)
Stranger: have you read the quran?
You: sure
Stranger: all of it
You: also the bible, torah, and bits of the bhravita
You: yes indeed
Stranger: with an open mind?
You: yes of course, I’m always open to logically reasoned viewpoints
Stranger: what did you think of the quran?
You: are you saying I should be open to illogic?
You: i think it’s a very nice, slightly horrific story, in parts.
Stranger: why horrific
You: a story about a illiterate peadophile that received redundant information from a god that, 1700 years later and with the aid of science, we come to associate with things we already know?
Stranger: 1400 years
You: oh yes, my mistake, islam is younger than I thought

Its okay to bonk kids

Stranger: why paedophile?
You: depending on the hadiths you arbitrarily assert to be fact, aisha was married and the marriage confirmed, when she was 9. Fortunately for you, morals change
You: otherwise you could be wedded off and fucked, when you were 9
Stranger: ima guy
You: oh sorry, youre m
You: yes. my bad
You: fortunately for your mother then, morals change.
You: isnt it good that morals change?
You: wait.. didnt you say morals didnt or shouldnt change?
You: yes you did. okay, so – clarify – you’re okay with your mother being fucked when she was 9?
Stranger: its disputed the age
You: no the hadiths were pretty clear on it
Stranger: in sme sources
Stranger: its 17
You: are you saying they contradict?
You: XD
Stranger: no
Stranger: the stronger hadith say its 9
You: so which moral do you want?
You: 9 or 17?
Stranger: this was commone pracitice back then
You: sure.
You: do you think it’s good that morals changed?
Stranger: no
You: you’d prefer your mother to be fucked when she was 9, would you?
You: you think that is moral?
Stranger: it dosent happen
Stranger: its rare
You: im asking if you think morals should have changed or not
You: they obviously did – but do you think they should have?
Stranger: no in the quran it says the further forward the world would go
Stranger: they would invent there own morols
Stranger: morals
You: im sorry, you seem to have dodged my question. let me rephrase
Stranger: its a crude qustion
Stranger: you know it
You: 1. do you think morals have changed since aisha was fucked at 9 years old?
You: yes it is – but it’s showcasing a contradiction – yet another – in your philosphy
You: please answer
Stranger: this is just being insulting
You: why is it insulting? these are the facts.
You: according to you
Stranger: yeah but you can say sexual intercourse
Stranger: instead of fucking
You: have morals changed, or not?
Stranger: for some people
You: have yours?
Stranger: i belive whatever the prophet did was good
Stranger: and nothing was wrong
You: to be clear – you think its okay to have sex with a 9 year old
You: at any time in human history
Stranger: I would personally not do that
You: why not?
Stranger: just personal choice
Stranger: girls matured faster
You: but you see no reason that say, your brother or friend shouldnt
Stranger: back then
You: no they didnt
You: but you see no reason that say, your brother or friend shouldnt have sex with a 9 year old, if they choose
Stranger: well if they came to ask for my advice
Stranger: id say its not a good idea
You: but that is your personal choice
You: you see no reason they couldnt have a different personal choice
You: if they came to you, the only thing you could say against it is – I dont choose to do that.. for no reason, I just dont choose it
You: so if they DID, you would think it was perfectly reasonable and for them to do that is their choice, not yourse, an youre fine with it.
You: i think – the fact you’re dancing around this so hard is that you already know your morality has changed.
You: and you’re desperately trying to avoid the inevitable. – you have contradicted yourself – the saddest part is.. you know you have
You: .
Stranger: how am I contradticing myself?
You: answer the point please
You: would you be okay with your brother or friend, choosing on their own, to have sex with a 9 year old.
You: answer that please
Stranger: but its a pointless qustion
Stranger: its not gonna happen
You: irrelevant
You: it’s an hypothetical
You: you might not even have a brother or a male friend, I dont know
Stranger: lol
Stranger: I have both
Stranger: hahaha
You: am i going to be waiting long for your answer?
Stranger: dont you already know the anaswer?
Stranger: answer
You: no, actually , I dont know what you would do
You: the possibility is rather terrifying to be honest
Stranger: why
You: XD more stalling. how about you answer?
Stranger: if they were in a country with islamic law and they had the parents premission of the girl
Stranger: i cant object to that because of relgion
You: so you wouldnt object at all
You: this is your brothers choice, rememer
Stranger: id advise agasint it
You: interesting, why would you advise against something when the only reason you have to advise against it, is your personal preference?
You: to you advise against people driving cars you dont like?
You: but in any case – morality here, does not play any role. is that the truth?
You: i.e. you have absolutely no “moral” objection to people having sex with 9 year old children – is that right?
Stranger: you are twisting things
You: let me ask straight up
You: do you have any moral obejction to people marrying and having sex with 9 year old children?
Stranger: i wodent do it but no
You: from a moral point of view, there is nothing wrong with fucking a 9 year old. i see.
You: do you know why it is morally abhorrent?
You: to other people who do have more evolved morals than you?
Stranger: why
You: because children are not fully cogent of the consequences of actions – they are simply not old enough to comprehend what happens Y, when action X happens. Short of dropping barbie on her head and barbie snapping in two, children actually have no concept of love, cause and effect. They are entirely unable to comprehend even death, much less life. These are people who have no idea what a reproductive system actually is, much less what it does and how it works.
Stranger: but she was not a abused child
You: I didnt say “abused”
You: now, there is pretty much a 100% correlation between child sex and mental instability – children who are subjected to sex – without exception as far as we can tell – ALL have significant depression and mental issues.
Stranger: she never showed any signs
Stranger: of this
Stranger: in any records
You: beyond the occasonal comment in the hadiths, what do you have?
Stranger: she want onto become one of the powerfull muslim women in arabia
Stranger: went
You: sure. there are some very powerful people who were abused, or who engage in abuse
Stranger: Stranger: I didnt say “abused”
You: I did this time.
You: are you saying we should all fuck kids, because it makes them powerful?
You: you are, arent you
You: beyond the occasonal comment in the hadiths, what do you have?
Stranger: i told you already i would not do it
You: beyond the occasonal comment in the hadiths, what do you have?
You: “i told you already i would not do it” – youve also said you wouldnt object to it, if someone else did it.
You: You: do you have any moral obejction to people marrying and having sex with 9 year old children?
Stranger: no
Stranger: yeah
You: do you have a sister?
Stranger: its subjective moralitly
Stranger: no
You: i presume you have a female friend.
You: young, maybe 9?
You: ish?
Stranger: no
You: you dont know of any muslim female, less than 10?
Stranger: no lol how old do you think I am?
You: 20-ish?
Stranger: of course I know
Stranger: but not friends
Stranger: yeah
You: and you think its okay if a 50 year old guy marries her and has sex with her, to get her pregnant.
You: okay, that’s your choice.
You: make sure the department of community affairs doesnt hear you. – but that, my muslim friend, is why your religion is poision
You: one of the many reasons
You: oh – and if I get your number at any time, I WILL report you
Stranger: lol this is mainstream islamic belief
You: yes, but like you, many muslims are actually aware of how toxic it really is – it took me an hour to get tht confession out of you
Stranger: what do you mean?
Stranger: many muslims know how toxic it is
You: yes indeed.
Stranger: I know??
You: yes you do too
Stranger: your crazy plus im in a muslim country
You: thats why it took an hour to get a straigh admission from you
Stranger: so you can report anything lol
You: oh I thought you were in the UK
Stranger: nope
You: my mistake, did you lie? or is that simply “wher eyou are are from2?
You: “where you are from”
Stranger: i live in uk
Stranger: but im not from here
You: again, if I get your UK phone number, I will report you
You: and send them a copy of this dialogue
Stranger: report me for what
Stranger: lol
You: for being a person dangerous to children
Stranger: its not illegal im just exposing a relgious belief
You: sure, its also against the law
Stranger: nope freedom of relgion
You: no, breaking a law
Stranger: the hadith is preached to kids in mosques
Stranger: openly
You: you dont get to fuck a 9 year old in the UK and then claim religious freedom, sorry
You: do you know what happens if you do?
Stranger: no you dont
You: lawl
You: really ? oh man
You: come on.
Stranger: but you can say its not wrong because of what you belive
You: sure, you can say that
You: youre ignored
Stranger: thats all i said
You: sure. the point is, you get ignored, it’s not a valid excuse
Stranger: and i said
You: say it some more
Stranger: if it happend in a muslim country
You: as I said
You: UK
Stranger: i made that clear
You: which part of UK are you not understanding?
You: you are a danger to children, period
Stranger: howww?
You: because you think it moral to have sex with a 9 year old
Stranger: you are dumb lol there are hundereds of muslim teachers in the uk
You: sure
Stranger: they all have the same belief
You: do they think it moral to have sex with a 9 year old?
You: im pretty sure they dont think its moral.
You: XD
Stranger: in that particular time
Stranger: they would say yes
You: sure, but you admitted you think it is moral
You: so
You: you are a danger to children
You: in my country, in some states, if you’re aware of a person you suspect of being able to commit peadophilia, it’s a CRIME to NOT report it
You: fascinating isnt it?
Stranger: but i said in a muslim country
Stranger: not the country live in
You: your morals are yours
You: not the country you live in
You: or are you saying your morals change?
Stranger: do whatever you like LOL
You: erm.. more or less, I do – unless it’s immoral. but you are a danger to children, and you do contain a risk of sexually abusing children
You: you contain a risk for destroying a child’s life.
You: so yes, it would be immoral for me to not report you
You: if I have the opportunity
Stranger: haha i said id never do that
You: again, the fact here is that you think it is moral to fuck a 9 year old girl
You: that is what you told me.
Stranger: no i said
Stranger: in islam its allowed
You: You: do you have any moral obejction to people marrying and having sex with 9 year old children?
Stranger: no
You: you do not have a moral objection to fucking a 9 year old girl
You: that is what you told me
Stranger: not me
Stranger: to people
Stranger: thats not me
You: do you have a moral objection to YOU having sex with a 9 year old ?
Stranger: id never do that
You: okay, and now answer the question
You: “moral objection” is the key here – do you have one?
You: ah yes, your diversion speaks volumes..
You: “moral objection” is the key here – do you have one?
Stranger: define moral
You: same definition you’ve been using every other time I ask the question
You: just recycle that
You: i.e. it means what you think it means
Stranger: all I can say is id never do that
You: you dont know if you have a moral objection?
Stranger: but if I say i have a moral objection
You: I’ve checkmated you – you have nowhere to go
Stranger: its like blashpehy
You: if you say you have a moral objection, you’ve admitted morals are subjective
You: if you say you dont, you’ve admitted to condoning one of theacts most reprehensible in modern society
You: you’re completely checkmated
You: your religion has driven you into a hole, you have no way to recover
Stranger: so your saying im a bad person?
You: yes, your religion makes yo uso
You: you are bad, by choice
Stranger: lol
You: to escape, you conceed your religion is a choice that you can be free of
You: and then: yes, peadophilia is immoral and bad
Stranger: I cant leave Islam
You: that’s not really your biggest problem
You: your biggest problem is you see no reason to
Stranger: well I dont want to because of my beleif
Stranger: but if somebody wanted to
You: which makes you a bad person
You: you choose to be a bad person. not me. that is your choice
Stranger: it carries the death penalty in muslim countries
You: yes – a way to make sure people keep thinking it’s okay to fuck kids.
You: or – to excuse it
Stranger: but that dosent happen
You: people dont fuck kids?
Stranger: it happens in yemen
You: to your knowledge
Stranger: no child marriage
Stranger: but western nations
Stranger: are the worst for this
Stranger: all the polaticions
You: happens in saudi arabia
Stranger: no
You: yes
You: also in qatar
Stranger: no
Stranger: i have friends from the gulf they have 15 year minumim age
Stranger: for marraige
You: why?
Stranger: idk maybe not in saudi arabia let me check
Stranger: its less than 15
You: why?
Stranger: they dont have a minimum age
You: CNN ^ 48 year old married to an 8 year old.
Stranger: yeah okay it happens
Stranger: its not my problem
You: dont fucking pretend to me it doesn happen you cunt.
Stranger: go take it up with the saudis
You: its your fucking religion mate
You: YOU condone it
You: YOU have no moral problem with it
Stranger: im not resposbible for what the saudis do
You: YOU admitted you’re fine with other people fucking 8 year old girls.
You: the problem, you stupid fuck, is you have no moral objection to it
Stranger: no
Stranger: im not okay with it
You: you have no moral objection to it
Stranger: idk what your problem is
You: that poor 8 year old has barely got an idea of what a cartoon is..
Stranger: 8
You: yeah, that you dont understand why it’s morally reprehensible is terrifying
Stranger: i thought it was 9
You: video asshole
You: watch it. CNN
You: THIS is why the world knows you should be eradicated
Stranger: its unislamic
You: what is?
Stranger: lol
You: fucking kids?
Stranger: so your calling for genocide?
You: go tell muhammad
You: no, re education
You: common sense, critical thought, logic.
You: and basic morality
You: since you’ve proven you have absolutely none of those
Stranger: you know thats not true
Stranger: pedophlia happens evreyhwere
Stranger: not just in saudi arabia
You: it is not condoned anywhere EXCEPT muslim countries and by muslims
You: even the pathetic christian preists at least had the integrity to know they were doing something illegal
You: as well as just morally fucked up
You: it … gobsmacks me that you have no moral objection to fucking a 9 year old.
You: absolutely horrifies me
Stranger: 13 is the minimum age for marraige in most muslim countries
You: you actually should be shot
You: i would have no problems with that at all
Stranger: so you are threatning to kill me?
Stranger: lol
You: lol – read what I wrote, peadophile fucker
You: you admitted it asshole, you are one
Stranger: why are you calling me a paedophole?
You: beacuse you dont understand its wrong
You: you condone it
Stranger: i said it was ok 1400 years ago
You: you dont have any moral objection to you fucking a 8 year old
You: or 9 year old.
Stranger: i never said that
You: in fact, i doubt youd have any moral objection to fucking a 5 year old
Stranger: your sick
You: yes, you did.
Stranger: where
You: youve implicitly admitted it
You: you can deny it at any time, but you wont
Stranger: why
You: you wont, because you condone it
You: go ahead and deny it
You: go on
You: deny you have no moral objection to you fucking a 8 year old kid
Stranger: deny what
You: ^^^
Stranger: i do have a morol objection
You: that is blasphemy
You: that means you think muhammad was being immoral
You: you have a moral objection to what mohammad did
Stranger: not back then
Stranger: just in this time
You: then you think it was moral then, but not moral now
You: so morals have changed
Stranger: attidudes change
Stranger: overtime
You: Stranger: not in the texts
You: Stranger: which is the foundational point for morailty
Stranger: the texts do not chnage
Stranger: people do
You: so the morals in the quran do not apply today
Stranger: they do
Stranger: most people dont follow them
You: then you think it moral to have sex with a 9 year old child
You: you’ve just contradicted yourself
Stranger: i was just defeding my relgion i dont think its moral today
Stranger: so you cant call me a pedophile okay
You: that would mean the quran does not apply today
Stranger: it does
You: if the morals in the quran apply today, and one of the morals in the quran are that its moral to fuck 9 year old girls, then that moral applies today
You: that is – it is moral to fuck a 9 year old
You: now – you cant have it both ways
You: either it is, or it is not.
You: the quran says it is
Stranger: but it dsoent say that in the quran
You: it does, if you conclude muhammad is moral
You: god apparently did.
Stranger: all ive got to say about this is
You: if you want to conceed that what mohammad did, is immoral, then go right ahead
Stranger: the quran applies evrwyhere and what the prophet did was perfect nothing wrong the perfect human
You: okay, then it is not “wrong” for you to fuck a 9 year old.
Stranger: like i said id never do that
You: if mohammad was perfectly moral, and morhammad fucked a 9 year old, then it is moral to fuck a child in his time
You: if morals do not change, then the morals of mohammads time will apply today
You: therefore, it is moral for you to fuck a child now.
Stranger: but i choose not to do that
Stranger: its not a recmondation
You: im not talking about your choice
You: im talking about what you hold moral
You: i dont choose to wear purple.
Stranger: i dont wana talk about this topic anymore
Stranger: i already told you what i think
Stranger: muslims will always exist


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