All-knowing god isnt really all-knowing.. but is.. um.

As far as my experiences with muslims, this man was quite nice. But.. so utterly clueless about what “all knowing” means. This is a common theme in theists – “all knowing except sometimes he forgets his plans for us” – and many variants.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like muslim.
You: salam
Stranger: Hey M/F ??
You: are you muslim?
Stranger: Wa salam
Stranger: Yes
You: orite.. where are you from?
You: 28 f aust here
Stranger: Well younger to you from sri lanka though buh living in qatar
Stranger: Airline based
You: orite.
You: why are you muslim?
Stranger: Why do you make a such question ?
You: because I dont know the answer..
Stranger: Is this goes to the racist side please iam not the person
Stranger: Islam is abt peace
You: its hardly racist – that would mean I am demonising you because of your race – i.e .you’re caucasian, african american, asian.. etc. etc.
You: many muslims would not agree with you, but that’s your own battle to have with other people who claim to be muslim
Stranger: The name is islam says it..i’am a muslim cos we love peace so if your a person who blames people coz of some groups dont judge a religion
You: other muslims certainly dont think it is about peace
You: the exact opposite actually
You: but again, that doesnt interest me so much.
my faith is bigger than your faith
Stranger: I say not all..theres some brainwashed people where you can see in christianity and budhist too
You: yes, all religions have brainwashed people
Stranger: For example who born as christians worship satan
You: and christians say the same about muslims
Stranger: I know right 🙂
You: and you both say “i am right because of faith”
Stranger: You cant really judge people or a person for a crap where some group do
You: its quite strange – you both use the same tool..
You: exactly the same reason “faith” – yet.. somone else who uses it the same way you do, is still wrong
Stranger: Yeah if you take the bible and the quran 90% it says the same
You: well i dont think so, but im hardly a scholar. I see you think you are though
Stranger: Yeah..well i have read everything
Stranger: Even in quran it says abt jesus
You: i see, so the old testmant, the new testament, the quran- what else have you read?
Stranger: It says jesus will come one day to fight with a one eye giant :)..quran says the name Eesa where we believe it as jesus’s real name
You: i see. eesa is the messiah is he?
You: son of god?
Stranger: I have reD the old testament and as a sri lankan we have gone to old budhist and tamil temples
You: super, so.. basically “everything” is really just two religions
Stranger: Yes he will be back befor the world ends..
You: this is fascinating. can you tell me where eesa features in the quran?
Stranger: People take it as two 3 and four religions but if you go deep it says the same ait
You: ait
You: in particular, the part about the giant eye
Stranger: Well i cant say the correct chapter if you see the translation of the quran if you read, it says theres four religions for four prophets
You: i mean, im looking for the part where eesa is coming back to fight with a giant eye.
Stranger: So one of the prophet is eesa and he shal die in cross and god will take him back to him
Stranger: And send someone similar as him to the world back to continue religion
You: im not sure I actually encountered the giant eye part, in the quran.
You: or the bible in fact
Stranger: Well the symptoms of the worlds end google it
Stranger: Stones falls from sly
Stranger: *sky
Stranger: Oceans runs into the land
Stranger: Lot of liars will born
You: hmm. still nothing about a giant eye
Stranger: So many religiouns and there will be people who claims there god
Stranger: Little humans will be there who will use ladders to climb grass trees
You: are you even reading what I’m writing?
Stranger: One eye giant who will come and claim he is the god
Stranger: Yes iam just typing all
You: oh a cyclops?
Stranger: Maybe
Stranger: It says like that in the definition
You: no nothing about a cyclops
You: i find nothing like it in the quran
You: and cyclopes dont really feature in the bible so much
Stranger: have you read it abt the worlds end ?
You: ive read that, but nothing about a giant eye
Stranger: So this cyclope or who ever you called as comes and kill all people
Stranger: And no one can defeat him except eesa
Stranger: Well iam thru my mobile idk how to send a link to u
You: i cant even find that in the quran
You: np.
You: so why are you muslim?
Stranger: Its abt the truth and we live here coz adam and eve made the sin so ots our duty to treat well other lifes here and gain more chances to go to the heaven
life is a sham, life starts when it ends.. um.
Stranger: Because it clearly says life starts once you die
You: i see
You: so youre waiting to die.
Stranger: Haha not really
You: just killing time?
Stranger: Its all abt how you live your life in here so you will end up good there in heaven
You: oh i see. does god not already know how we will live our life?
Stranger: He created us he watch us and he has given us all the chances to live right..but humans are a animal who has ego jelousy and all so we listen to satans words..we love evrything here sometimes i am not happy with who am i, i love to be a celebrity
Stranger: So likewise even tho the god made you
Stranger: You make your own sin
Argument here is – god is all knowing, but lets you choose to screw up. Even though he already knows you’re gonna screw up – before you did – you still get punished.
You: okay – but, surely god already knows if I will sin
Stranger: He has created you he is not controlling doing the sin or not is based on you
Stranger: General knowledge ait
You: can i choose to do something that is NOT on god’s plan for me?
Stranger: Yeah..but seek gods help and pray but don’t be negative
Stranger: If you think your change will coz a sin to another living being then dont
You: sorry – I just need to be clear on this point – I can choose to do something that god didnt know I would do?
Stranger: Thats what religion says
Stranger: As i told you god has created you and gave you a chance to do all the good your decision and all anyone cant help
You: thats not what I asked.
You: I asked if it is possible for me to make a choice that god didnt know I would make
Humans are like my god.. except not.
Stranger: You went to the college teachers teach you good stuff but still if you wanna ruin your college name principal cant help ait
Stranger: Yeah you can
You: fascinating. so god is not all knowing?
Stranger: He knows everything my child
You: okay – so you’ve just contradicted yourself – you said I can make a choice god didn’t know I would make – then you said god is all-knowing
You: if god is all knowing, then he knows every choice I will make – its impossible for me to make a choice he didnt know I would make
You: ^^^ = all-knowing
Stranger: Well you have to undertand thid point god created you and he gave the chance and he is watching you..its all abt you taking control of your life
Stranger: If he can control your obviously he wont make
You: resolve the contradiction please
Stranger: A heaven or a hell ait
You: you contradicted, so please resolve it
Stranger: I think i just did
You: you made it worse actually
You: you keep saying i can make choices that god didnt know I would make
You: you’ve said it three times
You: that means god is not all knowing
Stranger: Okay take it as you like :)..
You: erm – if I do something god didnt know I would do…
You: then.
You: obviously
Stranger: If you taking all negative and if you dont wanna think out of the box what iam saying
You: god didnt know I would do it
Stranger: Then i cant do anything
You: nothing negative here at all
You: its just basic logic and reason
You: youre claiming someone that is all knowing is not all knowing
You: do you not see that?
Stranger: I never said i know everything
You: i never said you were
You: you said god is
You: then you said god does not know everything
Stranger: yeah he is
You: but then you said there are some things he does not nknow
Stranger: He knows evrything he see evrything but how can he control you
Stranger: Your not a software
You: im not talking about control at this point
Stranger: Or a robot
You: im talking about your contradiction
You: you said there are things god does not know
You: you said i can make choices god does not know i will make
You: do you understand?
Stranger: well you can make a decision obviously god will know but he can’t control you or stop you
You: okay – so – one more time – can I make a decision god does not know I will make?
Stranger: Okay again 🙂 he knows what you gonna do its all abt you to make a good decision Or not
Stranger: Happy b
Stranger: *?
You: i see . yes thanks
You: im glad to help you through the quaqmire of your dogma
You: quagmire
Stranger: I need a oxford for that
You: who makes the decision to create me?
You: is it me?
You: yes indeed, it does not take much to be a pilot… :/
You: who makes the decision to create me?
Stranger: Hun iam not ready for this game 🙂
You: i agree XD
Stranger: You should ask this from the church
Stranger: Or the mosque
You: no, they cant answer
You: only you
Stranger: If i talked wrong blame me not the religion
Stranger: Easy as that
You: im happy to do so
You: in any case, you’ve allowed that every decision i ever make, is already known to god. my “goodness” or “badness” is something god knows even before I exist
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: And believe evrything happens for gods wish
You: so .. you said “Its all abt how you live your life in here so you will end up good there in heaven”
Stranger: We cant overrite it
You: god already knows how good I am
You: what is the purpose of trying to find out by making us live a life, rather than simply scooping us all up to heaven?
Tested, even though all-knowing god already knows the results…
Stranger: We all gods children..when we are test to be here and judged we should obey his decision and live correcy
Stranger: *correct
You: what is the point of the test?
Stranger: Now dont ask anything from this 😋
You: god already knows the answer- why test?
You: this is your reasoning. i want to find out how you got to it
Stranger: If teacher knows evrything why they give exams for us ?
You: indeed.
Stranger: Tell me ?
You: oh, you mean teachers on earth?
Stranger: Yup
You: the purpose of testing us on earth is because the teacher actualy does no know exactly what we know, nor do they have a means to prove it
You: god, on the other hand, knows exactly what we know, and does not need a means to prove it
Stranger: Well i expect an answer for what i asked hun
You: why you think it appropriate to compare an all-knowing god with a mere mortal human is .. not clear to me.
You: i told you – teachers test us on earth because they do NOT know everything.
You: god however, does
Stranger: Well teachers give tests from what they teach you ryt
You: yes – but they do not know what we have understood
Stranger: So the same fact here
You: are you saying god does not know what we have understood?
Stranger: He can’t help if you dont understand him or question him
You: im perfectly happy to question him
You: are you saying god does not know what we have understood?
Stranger: God knows
Stranger: 🙂 well you wont get it
You: okay, so god already knows the purpose of the test
You: so – again.
Stranger: It just i dont wanna waste my time here
You: if god already knows the purpose of the test
You: why test/
You: ?
The exit..
Stranger: Haha see like a puppy your still biting your tail
You: well, I wont get something if you keep contradicting yourself
You: actually im applying simple reasoning to your claims
You: and they dont stack up
You: a god that knows everything does not need to test anything
Stranger: Its nice talking to you
You: a teacher does not know everything – in particular, a teacher does not know what her students understand
You: so she tests
Stranger: Then evryone will be end up in heaven
You: i doubt it
Stranger: He 🙂
You: i hope you learn to use reason soon.
You: im sure you can.
You: just .. learn to think for yourself
You: okay?
Stranger: Yeah sure will do that and no body kill me before that and ask me later
Stranger: Well didnt god know i killed u
You: i have no idea what you mean by that.
Stranger: Its okay forget it 🙂 have a good day and dont swim too deep on your thoughts
Stranger: Live happy and do the best for you and for your parents
You: no problem – i hope you can do the reverse, think a little more deeply
You: than just the dogma you’ve been told to think
Stranger: Sure 🙂
You: because, as I just showed you..
You: your dogma does not logically stack up
You: and if it makes no sense.. where does that leave you?
Stranger: 🙂 well you dont try to undertand it my love
You: as I said – it does not logically stack up.
Stranger: Anyways fine i gave up
You: that has nothing to do with me. you’re the one making the contradictions
Stranger: Haha okay
You: hey.
Stranger: 🙂 whats your good name btw
You: just a sec
Stranger: Oki doki
You: i post my conversations with muslims on a new blog. you’re my second
You: im going to collect them, annotate them, and show exactly why islam fails so utterly
You: not to mention christianity, etc. etc.
Stranger: 🙂 if you think it will help to grow a good humanity yes its a good job
Stranger: 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
You: thanks, enjoy whatever dogma you think is appropriate. for whatever reason you think is appropriate
You: and if you cant think of any – just make it up. okay?
You: nini!
Stranger: 🙂 mushtaq

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